Welad Rizk 3

1 hr 43 min

June 2024
Action Comedy

The lions are back and living their dream of running a clean and legitimate car showroom. This dream quickly evaporates when old enemies “Sakr” and “Sherbeeni” blow up the place, putting the sons of Rizk in a deep financial burden.

A seemingly impossible mission presents itself, promising the lions salvation from their troubles. Little do they know that they are now no longer dealing with old foes,

but rather the most notorious criminal of the underground world…“Sultan ElGhoul”




Cast & Crew Members

Ahmed Ezz

Ahmed Ezz was born on July 3, 1971. He began a career in modeling after graduating from the Faculty of Arts from the English division. Ezz began working as a model in the hopes that it would later give him access to acting jobs. However the venture was not successful. After some time, Ezz met director Enas Al Daghdaghy who gave him a minor role in the film “Kallam Al Layl” (Night Talk) in 1999. The director would later give him the lead role in “Muzikirat Murahiqa” (Memoirs of a Teenager) in 2001. Although the film was not a major success it nonetheless contributed to Ahmed’s fame. Despite the fact that Ahmed’s entry into the world of acting occurred abruptly he has nonetheless committed himself to studying cinema and even joined a few actor training workshops such as “Studio Al Mumathil” which is run by Mohamed A’bd Al Hady and Mahmoud Hemeida. In 2013, Ezz stars in the anticipated “El Hafla,” a mystery thriller involving a businessman’s wife who’s disappeared and the sinister abduction plot unraveled in the investigation.

Asser Yassin

An Egyptian actor, born in Cairo in 1981. He studied mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo and graduated in 2008. After being chosen to participate in one of the plays during his university studies, he decided to pursue acting professionally, and began starring in a number of short films, the most important of which was the movie Bethlehem directed by Rami Abdel-Jabbar. He also broke into the field of television drama through the series Habiba’s Heart alongside Suhair Al-Babli. His notable film roles include On a Day Like Today, The Promise, Messages from the Sea, and Walls of the Moon.

Amr Yousef

Amr is a young Egyptian actor. He was born on December 23, 1980. His career in entertainment began with television commercials and music videos. Thereafter, Nour Al Shereef brought his talents to the public’s attention when he cast him in the television series “Al Daly” in 2007. Following this crucial step forward, Amr’s career as movie star took off. Since then, he’s appeared in “Nour Einy” (2010), “ٌReaction” (2011), and the popular 2013 Ramadan drama “Friendly Fires”

Mohamed Mamdouh

Mohamed Mamdouh is an Egyptian actor, born in 1981 in Kuwait, and moved with his family to live in Al Helmeya in the city of Cairo and grew up there. He worked for a while in the theater, and then participated since the beginning of the third millennium in a number of cinematic and television works, and among his works in the cinema: Bibo and Bashir, The Party, and The Blue Elephant. He presented on television Bab Al Khalq, Friendly Fire, and Whose Empire?.

Karem Abdel Aziz

An Egyptian actor, born in Agouza, Giza. His father is veteran director Mohamed Abdelaziz. Karim graduated from the directing department at the High Cinema Institute in 1997, after which he worked as an assistant director for a while. He’s known for his roles in Laugh, The Photo May Look Nicer, Abu Ali, The Blue Elephant and The Choice 2: Men of Shadow.

Asmaa Galal

An Egyptian actress, who made her debut in the series The Godfather (2017). In the same year, she appeared in several other series, such as Cuffs, and The President’s Shadow. Her later work includes Forgetfulness Game, and Watch Out for Zizi.

Aseer Nassar

A Jordanian actor of Palestinian origin, born on November 9, 1971. He worked as a compulsory teacher in Jordan before turning to show business, where he worked as an assistant director in several Jordanian series and a stage director, and then turned to acting and his talent appeared in the famous Syrian series Alameen and Almamon, after which he moved to Cairo, where he first starred in the series A Female’s Cry in 2007. His breakthrough performance was that of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan El Banna in the series The Brotherhood. His other notable TV credits include Citizen X, and A Public Secret. Among his film credits: An Hour and a Half, and Adrenaline.

Tareq El Eryan ( director)

Palestinian-American director and screenwriter living in Egypt. He is the son of late producer Riad El Eryan. He is of Palestinian nationality. He obtained high school in Egypt, then traveled to the United States to study cinema at the University of South Illinois, and returned to Egypt to begin his career as a film director. He began by directing a number of music videos, commercials and television programs, including “With Soula”, with his ex-wife singer Assala. He worked as a manager and administrator for several projects and companies in the field of film, television and music production, including founding Framework for Film Production in 1991. He made his directorial debut with The Emperor (1990), followed by The Pacha, both starring Ahmed Zaki. His other notable credits include Tito, Walls of the Moon, and Rizk’s Boys. He was previously married to TV presenter Angie Ali, and the Syrian singer Assala.

Salah El Geheiny ( writer)

He is an Egyptian writer, who was born on December 18, 1980. He worked as a civil engineer and learned scriptwriting. He participated in several TV writing workshops and worked as a script developer in the United Art Group. His first work was “The Tunnel”, which won the first prize in Abdel Hay Adib competition in 2010. He is known for February the 30th (2012), and Rizk’s Boys (2015).

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