Flight 404

1 hr 43 min
Feb 1 ,2024

Days before she travels to Mecca for HAJJ , Ghada is faced with an emergency and needs to come up with a large sum of money. She is forced to return to people from a tainted past with which she had severed ties. Will things go smoothly, will she be able to solve her problem and make it to HAJJ? Or will returning to the past contaminate her again?




Cast & Crew Members

Mona Zaki

Mona began her career acting career in the play In Formal Arabic. She studied in England while young and traveled to Kuwait and the United States with her family before enrolling in the Faculty of Mass Communication. Mona has appeared in a number of TV series, including The Family, Our People, Zezina, and Gohha the Egyptian. Her notable film roles include: An Upper-Egyptian at the AUC, Sleepless Nights and Tell Us, Scheherazade. She married actor Ahmed Helmy in 2002.

Mohamed Mamdouh

Mohamed Mamdouh is an Egyptian actor, born in 1981 in Kuwait, and moved with his family to live in Al Helmeya in the city of Cairo and grew up there. He worked for a while in the theater, and then participated since the beginning of the third millennium in a number of cinematic and television works, and among his works in the cinema: Bibo and Bashir, The Party, and The Blue Elephant. He presented on television Bab Al Khalq, Friendly Fire, and Whose Empire?.

Mohamed Farrag

An Egyptian actor, who was born in 1982. He joined the High Cinema Institute but was forced to quit it and join the faculty of commerce in Cairo. He joined Khaled Galal’s acting workshop in Cairo’s Creativity Center, and participated in the acting troupe’s play Black Coffee in 2009, which showed remarkable success. Throughout the same period, he worked in commercial advertising. Afterward, he played supporting roles in television series and films, including The Hostage film and Congratulations film, alongside Ahmed Helmy. In 2013, Farrag made his debut leading role in the action film The Sweeper.

Shereen Reda

She is the daughter of artist and star Mahmoud Reda. She started off her career working in advertisements and doing Ramadan riddles. Shereen then married pop star and singer Amr Diab, only to get a divorce from him after having her first born daughter “Nour”.

Khaled El Sawy

Egyptian actor, born in Alexandria in 1963. He studied law at Cairo University, where he started acting on the university’s theater, and after graduating in 1985, he studied directing at the Academy of Arts till 1993. He then started working as an assistant director on the film A Fish and 4 Sharks, then as a director for several of the Nile International network’s satellite channels. El Sawy co-founded the Egyptian Foundation for Theater Enthusiasts. He wrote and directed the plays Party of the Crazy, and The Dolphin Operetta, for which he won the Taymour Award for Theatrical Ingenuity in 1991 and 1992 respectively. He is also a talented novelist, playwright, and poet, as he has several revolutionary poems. His notable film credits include The Yacoubian Building, The Wedding, and The Triplets. His television credits include Al-Maraghy’s Law, The People of Cairo, and Cairo: Kabul.

Hani Khalifa( director)

Hani Khalifa originally from upper Egypt started as an assistant director in movies such as “Joy Thief” and “Nut Shells” In 2003 he decided to direct the movie “Sahar Al Layali” or “Staying Up Late Nights” which impressed many, but then he disappeared for a long time, he was offered to direct the movie “Free Time” but declined due to his disagreement with the producer. He stayed away from the sports lights until 2011 when he directed his series “The University” which impressed many fans and audiences.

Mohamed Ragaa ( writer)

Egyptian screenwriter and film critic born in 1983. He graduated from the faculty of Mass Communication with a degree in Journalism. He wrote many critiques, articles, and studies related to cinema in many specialized publications and wrote a book on director Daoud Abdel Sayed. He then pursued a career in screenwriting, his works include the series Above Suspicion (2016), Family Size (2018), A Score to Settle (2017), and Family Tie (2019).

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