1 hr 43 min
Apr 2024

“Saleh” (played by Hesham Maged) and “Doria” (played by Hana El Zahed) are a couple living a miserable life. They have a problematic son who constantly causes them trouble, and they always blame each other for these problems and shirk responsibility. One day, after a big fight between them, Doria leaves the house and Saleh remains alone. Saleh discovers the emergence of a strange luminous gate in the attic of his house. He passes through the gate to find a parallel world where there is a better version of his house, family, and life. The events unfold in a comedic framework with the participation of Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat.




Cast & Crew Members

Hesham Maged

An actor and a scriptwriter, graduated from the School of Engineering at Cairo University. During university, he created a production company with his friends called “Tamr Hendi” which produced movies that ridiculed famous Egyptian movies. Most famous was “Men who Do not Know the Impossible” This work attracted the attention of Mohamed Hefzy who at the time was attempting production and he produced their first series “Afeesh wa Tashbeeh” which portrayed one of the Egyptian classics in a cynical way in each episode. Hefzy then produced for them the movie “Coded Paper” which was a big hit at the box office. Hesham acted and wrote the script for this movie which familiarized his face to the audience. He won the award of the “Best New Faces” for the year 2008, in participation with his mates Ahmed Sabry and Chico.

Hana Al Zahed

Hana El Zahed is an Egyptian actress. She was born in 1994. She debuted as an actress in the 2014 film “Khettet Jimmy” (Jimmy’s Plan). She then went on to appear in Tamer Hosny’s television series “Farq Tawqit” (Bad Timing).

Mohamed Tharwat

Egyptian actor who participated in many films. He is known for Cousins (2009) with Karim Abdel Aziz and Sherif Mounir and 18 Days (2011). He also worked in many plays, such as Black Coffee (2009). He also participated in many sitcoms, such as Tamer & Shawqeya.

Taha Desouky

Egyptian actor who has appeared in several works, including the TV series Bimbo (2021) and A Robot in the House (2021).

Jan ramez

An Egyptian child actor, who was discovered by the artist Hamada Hilal, as he participated with him in the clip, Tika Tika. He also participated in the movie The Boogeyman (2023).

Ahmed El Gendy ( director)

Ahmed El Gendy began his career as an actor where he participated in the film “Wahed min al Nas” (“One of the people”), a title which starred Kareem A’bd Al A’zeez and Muna Shalaby. Ahmed also worked as an assistant director in that same production following his graduation from the Institute of Cinema. This was followed by his participation as an assistant director in the film “Zarf Tareq” (“Urgent Circumstances”) which starred Ahmed Helmy in the leading role. Ahmed’s participation in those works was followed by his directing a sitcom titled “Ahmed Itgawiz Muna” (“Ahmed Married Muna”) in addition to several movies such as “Hawish ely Wa’aa’ Minak”, “Etsh Dabour”, “Teer Enta” and “La Tarago’ wa la Istislam”. Ahmed’s son, Mahmoud El Gendy (born in 1980) has also done some directing in addition to contributing to the screenplays of several films such as “Teer Enta”. Mahmoud’s works are unique in that they derive comedy by making sarcastic remarks with regards to popular culture. He has also directed several works which were parodies of other cinema titles.

Sherif Nagib ( writer)

An Egyptian screenwriter, who was born in Cairo on January 19, 1981. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in 2003, and then went to Canada to study graphics and animation. He then moved back to Egypt and directed his attention to story writing for movies. In 2010 her wrote episodes for the series Special Screening. He also wrote the script for Ahmed Mekki’s movie No Retreat No Surrender, which was a massive success, making more than 25 million Egyptian pounds in the box office.

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