El Harifa

1 hr 55 min
Feb 1 ,2024
Comedy ,Sports

Life circumstances push the football lover, Maged, to let go of his luxurious life and transfer from his private school to a public one. There, through his football skills, Maged is able to earn the respect of his new friends and joins their street football team. Together, they dream of joining “El Hareefa” school tournament to win its one million pound prize!




Cast & Crew Members

NOUR Al Nabawy

An Egyptian actor, who is the son of actor Khaled Al Nabawy. He studied acting and theater at Santa Monica College and also studied at California State University, Northridge, USA. Nour started acting in a number of plays at the university, after which he made his onscreen debut in the series The Choice 2: Men of Shadow (2021).


A former Egyptian football player, who began his career as a player in the Egyptian club Zamalek in 1999. He then moved to the Belgian club Gent in 2000. In 2001 he moved to the Dutch club Ajax, through which he was loaned to the Spanish club Celta Vigo in 2003. His next stop was the French club Marseille. Then he moved to the Italian club Roma in 2004, then English club Tottenham in 2006. The last club he joined was the English club Barnsley in mid-2012. He also started playing in the Egyptian national football team in 2001. He announced his final retirement on June 10, 2013. Then he took over as coach of Zamalek club from January 21, 2014 until July 30, 2014 and won with it the Egypt Cup Championship.


She is an Egyptian actress who debuted in the series, Diaries of a Very Angry Wife S1 (2015). Her acting credits include the series Except Me (2020), and The Father of Girls (2016).

Raouf El Sayed ( director)

An Egyptian director, who directed the movie Al-Harifa (2023), written by Eiad Saleh and starring Nour El Nabawy and Ahmed Ghozzi.

Eiad Saleh ( writer)

Eiad Saleh is a director and author who was born on August 27, 1985. He graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University. He worked as an assistant director in many television and cinematic works. Director Eiad Saleh won the Jury Prize for his movie Matta El Meskin at El Sawy Culturewheel Documentary Film Festival. He participated in the 14th Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short Films. His film Years of Missed Goals achieved wide success and spread. He participated in writing many television programs, most notably Her Excellency.A

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